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What our clients are saying...

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Brigid - Mother

"My 5 year old son, Bryn, has autism.

When Rani first met him he was completely non-verbal, (apart from making clicking sounds and moaning).
He had very limited attention span, was easily distracted and did not make eye-contact or engage with people.
I found it very difficult to bond with him and this saddened me deeply.

After trying various other therapies and attending numerous courses, I considered trying music therapy.
I hoped that it would help me connect with him on a basic level. I already knew he enjoyed music because it had a calming affect on him. I hoped it was something we could do together and share an enjoyable experience with each other.

Rani was referred to me through a friend who had found music therapy successful with he own son.

When I first met Rani I was struck by her extremely calm and understanding manner. 
She has sound knowledge of ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and what having this disorder entails. 
Developmental delays (mostly verbal and social) and sensory integration processing difficulties.
She understood about his dysregulated episodes (moods) and that it was extremely frustrating and tiring, not only for Bryn, but for myself, his older brother and my husband.

We were desperate for help.
We were desperate to help him anyway we could.

Rani came to our house to conduct the therapy sessions. It's where Bryn feels most secure.
She came on a weekly basis.
Initially, she just worked alongside him. Getting to know his likes and dislikes. She allowed him to lead the sessions. If it meant we needed to go outside for music, Rani would accommodate for that. There was a "no pressure" approach. Bryn started to trust her.

From these initial sessions, Rani was able to develop an individual programme that was based on Bryn's needs and interests.
It involved repetition and a familiar routine.
She introduced different types of instruments sounds and visuals to keep him interested.
During these sessions, I noticed his engagement level increased from 10 mins to 30mins.
Bryn showed interest. He smiled, jumped, clapped, made eye-contact and was vocal.
We were getting somewhere. It was encouraging.

Each week there was more progress with engagement. More eye-contact, cuddles and his task persistence improved.
He also appeared excited in anticipation of Rani's arrival.

Then.... One day.... Bryn made ALL the sounds of the animal visuals eg. Moo for Cow/ meow for cat .
A couple of sessions later he named the animals themselves. He said "Go" and "Hello". He could fill in missing words to familiar songs if you paused in the middle or end of a verse.
He seemed empowered, happier, more regulated and calm.

During these sessions I felt a real connection with Bryn. For that hour we ALL enjoyed ourselves. We ALL had fun.

I would highly recommend Rani and her music therapy experience to anyone wanting to engage and connect with their child in a positive, relaxed and enjoyable way.
She allowed me to "enjoy" him. I am forever grateful for that."

Brigid - Mother

A Granddaughter

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and all the fabulous support workers at xxxx – as you know Nan has had a rough 4 months but the Music Therapy really has made an amazing difference overall.

She has gone from screaming to smiling, and is actually eating again!
When we pick her up on a Friday afternoon she’s happy and dancing and will sing, I’m seeing the person who raised me again and there are no words to describe how wonderful that is.

I’ve not only seen a difference in Nan but also everyone else who seems to have been recharged, meaning everyone is alert and happy.

Rani’s music therapy is absolutely amazing! I’ve been telling everyone!
My family are amazed that Nan is singing and dancing, some are even shocked as they didn’t think it was possible at this age.

Thank you all so much for Rani’s music therapy sessions. This had absolutely been the turning point for Nan and has allowed for me to continue to care for her at home when it was honestly looking very bleak.”

A Granddaughter

Hutt Central School

"The music therapy sessions we had were for one of our high needs students. ASD with limited to no communication. The sessions had been designed around his communication needs and interactions. During the course of the sessions the child was observed communicating, using language and interacting with both Rani and the teacher / aides. These sessions met the needs of the child and I was really impressed with the way they went. Great to have follow up notes of each session (as I didn't attend all sessions)."

Rani was able to adapt her programme to meet the needs of the child and took the lead from him each session. This was a very beneficial service to which I will be applying for another grant to have it again for other students at our school in the future.

Hutt Central School

Kat, a Mother

"Our son loves music and it seemed like a perfect idea to give music therapy with Anna a go. However, the full impact of these sessions with Anna is far more than we might have expected.  Anna uses her sessions in a variety of ways - to connect, to build confidence, aid self-regulation and to work on goals identified as part of our son's learning plan. But the most important things are the look of pure enjoyment our son has on his face when he listens to a clip of a tune they made, how he seems a little calmer with these sessions and the fact that he can tell us that these sessions make him happy. Some days perhaps he is not so engaged or up to mischief - if that happens we know that Anna will use all her skills to improvise and make the most of whatever they will do. Lockdown brought us a little window into these sessions, when our son had an online session with Anna - even though this was a virtual session - to see how focused and engaged he was, to see how he sat a little more upright, to see how his voice sang louder and fuller than it might on any ordinary day, how brightly he beamed - meant we knew these sessions have a value beyond measure. Thank you Anna."

Kat, a Mother

Mum to an amazing 5 year old autistic son

"As mum to an amazing 5 year old autistic son, music therapy for us has been an amazing way to help us and 'J' connect and communicate. We noticed from an early age his love of patterns and rhythms, and it was great to find a way to develop this. From the first few sessions we could see how this was a way for him to express himself, and to help us in the way we express concepts and changes to him.

We've been lucky enough to work with Hazel for 2 years, and it really is a two fold experience - we have seen the changes in 'J', and the way music reaches him in a way that other therapies or interventions do not, plus for him, what I absolutely love is that it's not just a therapy, it's a positive experience that we know and can tell his is excited by and looks forward to.  Hazel's been fantastic at adapting to and working with our goals and objectives from school, speech language and other therapists, and this consistency has made a real difference and noticeable improvements in his communication goals. We've even been able to hold his sessions at school to help with his transition!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hazel and the Music for Life team to anyone looking for music therapy services. They are a passionate, caring and experienced team."

Mum to an amazing 5 year old autistic son

Recreation Officer

"I am just writing to thank you (Anna) for the amazing service that you give the residents at our rest home. I have been especially blown away with your personal touch and the attention you give to every individual. I am astonished by the reaction from those with advanced dementia. I sometimes never see them with any facial expressions during the day and you have the ability to get a smile or a twinkle in the eye or active participation with clapping. I have noticed people singing who does not speak anymore. Your warmth also extend to the fact that residents show warmth to each other like holding hands or talking to each other. It also changes the outlook of our residents if they start the morning with one of your sessions. You have a gift that goes beyond your University training and that is your ability to really connect with people.

Thank you again. It is a privilege to be involved in your sessions."

Erika Langenhoven

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