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Our Team

Our small private practice is an ACC registered vendor. It focus' on quality therapy. All our therapists have a Masters' in Music Therapy from Victoria University, are registered Allied Health Providers and follow a Code of Ethics. Our therapists are fully Covid vaccinated to protect our vulnerable clients. They are also goal-oriented and client-focused, each having a specialist area they enjoy working in.

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Anna and me
Rani Allan

Rani Allan

Certified and registered Music Therapist (NZRMTh) with NZChild Safety Certification to work with High and Complex Needs Children. Practice Manager and Owner.

My love of music and interest in psychology brought me to Wellington in 2007 and a BA in music studies focusing on psychology and Māori studies. I was interested in how different musical cultures can shape an individual's life and take on personal meaning. After finishing my BA I was accepted into a selective Master of Music Therapy program with Victoria University. Two years (and a lot of practical experience) later I graduated and became a fully qualified, registered and certified music therapist in 2012.
During my two year master's degree I gained experience through practicum and research. I worked in several different settings to gain understanding and experience. This included a special needs unit within a school, a community house for adults with different intellectual needs and a hospital for adults living with dementia and other mental health issues. I specialised in my final year and researched and wrote a thesis based on Kitwood's model of needs and my experiences as a student music therapist in a psycho-geriatric unit and how music therapy has the ability to fill the needs of those living with dementia.

Since graduating in 2012, I have started my own small music therapy practice 'Music for Life'  which has become a growing practice focusing on person-centred and quality therapy for all ages and abilities. I am passionate that music therapy is available to all individuals and groups no matter what funding is available

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Anna Sedcole

Certified and Registered Music Therapist (NZRMTh) MMusTh (Hons), BA (Hons), PGDip (Comm), ATCL (Voice)

"Originally from Christchurch, I spent my formative years learning piano and violin, playing in competitions and orchestras and later singing in choirs. Singing became a serious hobby and I spent several years in the New Zealand Youth Choir, then Voices New Zealand. Currently I sing regularly with Wellington-based early music ensembles The Tudor Consort and Baroque Voices. I also lead or co-lead several community singing groups around Wellington. During my Master of Music Therapy degree, I gained valuable experience in placements at older age residences, including a secure dementia unit; at an acquired brain injury unit; and at a mainstream primary school. I wrote my thesis on supporting the interpersonal communication of children with learning support needs at a mainstream primary school. Since graduating, I have worked in several older age residences, (including clients with dementia), at schools with students with communication needs (including autism spectrum disorder), and in private residences with children who have experienced trauma. I have a certificate in Understanding Dementia from the Wicking Dementia and Education Centre, and like the other therapists, I am constantly looking for chances to upskill as part of my professional development. I love the relationships that are formed and strengthened in music, whether it be in community singing groups or in one-on-one sessions. I love the way music can transcend a person’s disability and that anyone can enjoy playing music, regardless of ability or experience. I feel very lucky to be employed in such a rewarding career, and I look forward to meeting you!"


Anthony Manere

Bachelor of Psychology at Ithaca College in New York, USA.

Master of Music Therapy at Victoria University in Wellington, NZ.

"My passion to become a Music Therapist was sparked while studying psychology and music. Combining these two passions was a long term goal of mine. After a year exploring the mental health field as a behavioural therapist in the US, I decided to travel to Aotearoa to pursue a degree in Music Therapy.
I offer a behavioural approach to therapy with a goal oriented mindset. I believe that music can be an enjoyable and motivating vehicle for learning, growth, and connection. I am glad to be able to combine my passion for music with a full-filling roll working as a music therapist within a number of different fields and institutions."

Karina Auer

Karina Auer - Currently on Maternity Leave

Certified and Registered Music Therapist (NZRMTh)

"I am a recent graduate from Victoria University of Wellington with a Master of Music Therapy. I am located in the Wairarapa after immigrating over 10 years ago from Germany. I choose to work in this profession because of my personal background and my love for music. I have a special interest in rehabilitation for those suffering traumatic brain injuries, working on individualized goals and bringing families together. My master’s research was conducted at a long-term care facility and focused on the benefits of bringing families together. I found positive benefits by including conversations about family into the therapy sessions, because it strengthened their feeling of identity and reminded them about personal achievements. During my studies I worked at various facilities, where I worked with people in all age groups, from preschoolers to older adults. I enjoyed the variety of work and the different musical interaction I experienced."

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