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Terms and Conditions

These are some of our important general terms and conditions that allow us to uphold our clients and therapists rights. Please have a thorough read before accepting our quote for services as these terms and conditions apply to all our services. Let us know if you have any questions at all.

Contract for Music Therapy Services - Individuals and Groups:


Music Therapy Services are facilitated by a New Zealand Registered Music Therapist (NZ RMTh) who will practice according to the Music Therapy New Zealand Code of Ethics. These can be provided on request.


The Music Therapist will be fully vaccinated and adhere to the rules the New Zealand Government has put in place to mitigate the risk with Covid-19 for Allied Health Professionals. This can be provided on request.


The client agrees to engage the contractor from the agreed upon date for the period agreed. Should delays occur please refer to the cancellation procedures.


The fees shall be as set out in the quote provided.


A music therapy programme will run for the length of this contract. The music therapist will keep written records of the recipient's progress. At the end of the contract the music therapist will reassess the needs of the recipient to determine whether music therapy services might need to continue.


The music therapist will communicate with the client after each contract and provide a written report if required. A written report will be furnished when the music therapy programme is due to close. A report can be provided at any point in the therapy process and price is usually set out in the quote. A new quote can be provided at any point.


All music therapy information will remain confidential, and records will be stored securely on a password locked laptop.


Payment for an assessment period is due in advance. Ongoing sessions thereafter each session, are due in arrears. To be paid monthly (20th of the month). Administration costs of 10% will be added should follow up be required.


Cancellations. For the purpose of the following "cancellations" refers to the cancellation of a session for any reason, cancellation of more than one sequential day shall be considered a termination of contract unless otherwise agreed at time of cancellations. Cancellations of any sessions must be made via phone call, in the event notifications are made through voice mail or email the cancellation is not considered to have been lodged until such time that the contractor confirms with the client that this message has been received. Cancellations made up to 48 hrs prior to the session will incur a fee of 25% of the full fee. Cancellations made between 48-24hrs prior will incur a 50% fee and cancellations after 24hrs prior will be billed at 100%.


Termination of contract. Either party can terminate this contract before the end date by giving notice via writing one calendar month in advance

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